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Foam Pillow Wedges for
Sleeping in Peaceful Luxury

Wedge Pillow Store features bed wedge pillows from well known brands like AliMed and Jobri, thereby bringing you only the best sleeping wedges for you to rest comfortably with.  These foam pillows make great wedge pillows for acid reflux, sleep apnea and several other sleeping disorders.  They are also useful as a pregnancy pillow for extra tummy support at night to help protect the baby while also getting an excellent nights sleep.  Most of our pillow wedges come with a removable wedge pillow cover that can be easily taken off and thrown in the wash when a fresh clean one is needed.

Wedge pillows give you relief from many ailments

Relieve Body:




Help With:

Sleep Apnea

Snoring & sleep

breathing disorders

Treat Against:

Acid Reflux


Hiatal Hernia

Help Prevent:

Restless Leg Syndrome

Gastroesophageal Reflux

Disease (GERD)

Medical professionals agree that individuals do not sleep in the proper position for spine and lower body joints. We carry four different positioning wedges designed to provide patients and users with needed firm support. Positioning pillows are also great for patients going through physical therapy to treat hip and back pain.

The knee pillow we offer, made from polyurethane foam, is great for those sleepers who like to sleep on their sides, providing the ultimate knee rest for comfort and support, improving circulation and helping maintain the bodies natural position.

The leg wedge pillows we sell are also great for people who like to sleep on their side or their back. We have a foam leg pillow that can go between your knees, such as our Body Sport leg positioning pillow, or a leg support wedge that goes under your legs, providing support to those with knee, hip or lower back problems.

Cure your sleeping disorder and start enjoying restful nights
with bed wedges from the

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